Friday, August 7, 2009

Hammerhead - Amphetamine Reptile 7"s

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1991, 1992, 1993

Unfortunately for all involved, this is not a complete collection of all the Hammerhead 7"s released by Amphetamine Reptile, as I am missing "Duh, The Big City" (also referred to as the "Earth I Won't Miss" record)7" that came out in 1994. Sucks, but I never had then, and I still don't have it now. If anyone out there does happen to have a copy floating around and wouldn't mind sharing, hit me up. Also, there are two split 7"s they put out, one with Godheadsilo, and one with Halo Of Kitten, as well as a few compilation tracks, but I think this blog has already posted all of that material along with the full lengths, so aside from the aforementioned "Duh, The Big City" record, we're pretty much covered.
What you do get are the first three Hammerhead 7"s; "U.V. / Peep", which was a picture disc in the Amphetamine Reptile Research and Development Series and might be (for sentimental reasons alone as it was the first Hammerhead record I ever heard) my favorite of all their records. "Load King" was a little more polished, but still a dirty rock take on hardcore. Then "Evil Twin" was a tour only 7", that later was repackaged as a cdep and 10" with the older and live songs tacked on. You're getting the 7" version.
So there you go, enjoy. I don't see how you couldn't, Hammerhead slays.


Sean said...

Vaz aside, I still act like I'm on some sort of missionary journey from the church of Hammerhead..I think I've made three CDs this year alone sharing this stuff with the uninitiated. In hindsight, I don't know how many times I thumbed past the picture disc while in school in Providence, not realizing it was Hammerhead, but not liking the picture and never flipping it around where it probably said HAMMERHEAD in big black letters. I suppose there's a life lesson in there.

They played at Fort Thunder in Providence once during a costumed crazy wrestling match:
I had filmed their entire set, and they asked me for the footage for some AmRep thing that never happened and I never saw the tape again! That was probably the single best show I saw over a three year period..they were like a machine ready to throw a piston, looked like they had been up for 93 hours straight..and they just made everyone take a giant step backwards with their pummeling cadence.

Even the Husker Du cover is worth hunting down! Thanks for making all this stuff easy to find in one spot.

clintellectual said...

i still have a beat up old cassette dubbing of Evil Twin. for years i just couldn't find a real copy in the record shops and it drove me mad!!! thank god for file sharing.

Bill said...

Hello, I think this file may be corrupt. It downloads fine but the extracting always fails.


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