Friday, August 7, 2009

cream abdul babar - buried in broken glass

released 1998

i was originally going to post this over on CGB...but the more i listened to it...the more i thought that it would find a nice home over here

this would fit in quite nicely amongst all of your dazzling killmen/deadguy/kittens/unsane albums

and yes...that is a trombone you hear

and for those of you not in the know...these folks come to us out of tallahassee,fl...made up of 7 members...and are known to crazy wacky things like take the stage dressed as island natives and eating babies (maybe that last part was made up...maybe it wasn't....)

actually...i don't think that i really need to write anymore...i should've had you all at "dazzling killmen/deadguy/kittens/unsane"

and if you're still reading this...just stop and go listen to your (insert inferior band name here) records


DL: buried in broken glass

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