Friday, August 7, 2009

Polvo - Can I Ride 7"x2

Label: Kitchen Puff
Year: 1990

When I was in high school I was in a straight edge hardcore band (believe it!) out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina (New Start Posse represent!), and when we went to record our first 7", we did what a lot of bands did in North Carolina, we called Caleb Southern in Charlotte and Jerry Kee at Duck-Kee Studios to see who could fit us in first. Turns out Caleb Southern was too busy (possibly mastering the AntiSeen album?), so we made the drive to Raleigh to record with Jerry. The other dudes in the band were not nearly as impressed as I was to see boxes containing the reels for Polvo (this very record), Archers Of Loaf, Geezer Lake, Celibate Commandos, Erectus Monotone, Seam, Superchunk, and every other North Carolina band worth a shit laying around the place, but it left an impression on me (obviously, I'm still talking about 17 or so years later). Polvo and those other bands were "real" bands to me, they were crafting interesting songs that seemed (to me at least) difficult to write and perform. So, it was cool to think that in some way we were fitting into that musical lineage. 
To his credit Jerry Kee suffered through our recording session (7 songs in one day I believe...hardcore dude), and was nice enough not to snicker as we trudged through mid-tempo jam after mid-tempo jam. All in all, a fun time, and now a memory you can share with your friends too.
I wonder if Polvo ever was back in the studio and Jerry said, "hey guys, you got to hear this shit" before playing them our record? Probably right?


Sean said...

This is probably the one Polvo release I never actually owned..I still have the beat up blank tape someone in either Hellbender or Rubbermaid made me with Polvo, Small 23, Eagle Bravo, and Assfactor 4 of all things on it! I'd also be thrilled to see boxes of magnetic tape labeled with any of those names, and probably would've run my hand over them before recording to imbue myself with some sort of secret Carolina aura. But that's because I'm an idiot!

clintellectual said...

that actually is really cool that you got to see those reels and record in the same studio. then again i always was a sucker for Polvo and Erectus Monotone and the Archers.

Novemberer said...

Wow, I thought I was NEVER gonna hear this! Man thanks...

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