Friday, July 24, 2009

the jesus lizard - 7.14.09 - exit/in - nashville,tn

"what's the difference between farrah fawcett and michael jackson? about 5 hours"

and then it happened

i don't think i really need to write anything more

i do need to give a huge thank you to george (singer for the band tona)...he sent this to me in an email being all like "oh's this...and i'll be expecting the soul to your first born and a sandwich"...and i was all like "is turkey and swiss on wheat ok,sir?"

DL: the jesus lizard@exit/in


Clay said...

Sweet. Thanks for this and the million or so other records I've found here.

You never saw tJL live did you? The first show I ever got into with a fake i.d. was the Jesus Lizard (circa Shot) with Six Finger Satellite (circa Extreme Exposure) opening. My life has not been the same since.

Anyway, keep up the good work.

TONA said...

Now, about that sandwich.....
Of course thanks to original uploader and whoever recorded this, you lucky bastard!

telabs said...

Thanks. Getting to see them again made me so happy. Figured there'd be a recording out there somewhere.

Scott (gotankgo) said...

sick post - looking forward to seeing 'em in nov.

k. said...

i was at this. yow was all the way in the back, throwing the soundguy's water bottles at the crowd. that was during the first song.

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