Friday, July 24, 2009

qui - the little golden blanket

released 2009

since i seem to be on a bit of a david yow kick (when am i not on one of those?)...i present you with this...

in case you're's pronounced "kwee" not "kwy"

this was a 7" the band released when they played the all tomorrow's parties festival over in england back in may

in case you're wondering exactly what a qui is...well...before david yow came along they'd released an album not all the many folks have probably heard of (2003's BABY KISSES)...they were just your typical godheadsilo meets the melvins noise rock band (though made up of a guitar player and a drummer...both sharing vocal duties)...and then somewhere down the line david yow started popping up at shows to so some guest vocals...and then eventually joined the band...and they all released the album LOVE'S MIRACLE in 2007 (and then they sounded like godheadsilo meets the melvins meets the jesus lizard...all very good things in my book)

and now you can't even google the band's name without "qui jesus lizard" or "qui david yow" showing up

so it's a win/win situation for them

DL: the little golden blanket


1009 said...

Thanks for this. Saw Qui at SxSW in 2006. Had to shield my wife from Yow's genitalia. Or vice versa, I suppose. Good times for everyone.

I dunno, though, maybe I've been listening to too much JL, but I really feel the lack of a bass in Qui. Could add an extra dimension.

pinto said...

Thanks. I hadn't even heard of this release and I thought I was up on all things Qui.

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