Thursday, July 23, 2009

tona - 1000

released 2008's happened again

i was contacted by the singer of this band (a guy by the name of george)...and he wanted to add a little bit o' international flair to the SGM

these folks come to us from serbia (the place that made a light bulb go on above adolf hitler's head and cause him to say "heeeey...waitaminute...if there can be a world war 1...." least that's what he was thought to have said...once li'l adolf got to talking he liked to shake his fist and spit a most folks would leave the room)

i'm getting away from my point

when listening to this...i can't help but think of the bands system of a down and the melvins

now before you raise your hand to slap me in the face for even mentioning those bands in the same sentence...allow me to explain:

1: both bands shared a stage during the ozzfest back in '98 (soad were touring in support of their only decent album...which is 1998's SELF-TITLED...and the melvins were on the bill because tool were all like "hey...the only way we're playing this is if the melvins get brought along too" there they were...on the stage in front of your typical ozzfest meathead...and from the first moment to the last...there were screams of "get off the stage you fucking suck!"...and the melvins did what the melvins do...the entirety of their half hour slot was filled with them taunting the audience and playing one song...which was "boris"...and i'm pretty sure that i was the only one there with a huge smile on their face)

2: there really isn't another reason...i just like telling that story

do you need more of an explanation?

this has a 4 piece melvins playing like they were a 3 piece again vibe to it (make any sense?)

as for the system of a down comparison...there are times that the vocals bring serj tankian to mind

have you ever had one of those "fuck that's it!" moments?...i just had one...anytime i've listened to this i've found myself thinking "who does he remind me of? no..not that either...DAMMITWHOTHEFUCKISIT?!" when it comes to the vocals...and it just dawned on me...ingmar petersen...vocalist for the band beehoover (and now that i've mentioned the band...i can hear them all over this as well...if you're not familiar with them...check the CGB soon)

ok...if you take anything away from what you just should be this:

1: i suffer from verbal diarrhea
2: an awesome melvins story

and if you like any of the above mentioned stuff...put this on (you even get some awesome harmonica AND you may even learn a foreign language)

DL: 1000

1 comment:

TONA said...

Wow. You ve compared me with Tankian
and i cant even kill you? :)
Anyone remembers Thin White Rope here? Probably the only real influence, besides booze.

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