Saturday, June 6, 2009

V/A - Dixie Flatline

Label: Radioactive Rat
Year: 1994

Seems like we discussed at some point the brief ascension of the Richmond, Virginia music scene in the early to mid 90s. Maybe when Hose.Got.Cable was posted? Sounds about right. 
So, here is further evidence that I was not blowing smoke up your collective arses, a compilation of bands making noise in Richmond during the...wait for it...early to mid 90s. Nice.
The bands:
King Sour - moody and/or bouncy math rock
Uglyhead - dense, noisy punk akin to Hammerhead
Art Monks - instrumental hip hop with loud guitar noise and droning samples
Hose.Got.Cable - so good, so loud, the real "should have been" of this scene
Flailo - dirty scuzz-core, maybe a little Guzzard via Load steez going on?
Yardmonster - moments sound exactly like old Melvins, other moments are more post-punk
Labradford - you know this band...spaced out sounds that beat Explosions In The Sky to it by years
Pelt - stop/start, quiet/loud emo punk
Damn Near Red - female fronted, driving drone, but the second song is not all that hot
Somatron - redneck techno? look, not everything can be good on this record
Mulch - nasty, metally, gritty, sludgy, hardcore, a local favorite. 
Buzzov*en - the best band to ever come out of Charlotte...untouchable.
Ladyfinger - herky-jerky noise rock with over-driven guitar
Spot Me 20 - minimal n riffery oise with a slight hip hop bend...again, they're not all winners
3.10 - background music...boring background music

So there it is, a little hit and miss, but I think you will enjoy the highlights, and you can skip past the low-lights. Deal?

*Updated - Track listing posted in comments


Mike B said...

Hey man thanks for putting this up. Do you have a tracklist for this guy?

Gray said...

Here's the tracklist:

1. Stuff - Nobody
2. Stuff - Nobody
3. 6 Pack Of Heroin - King Sour
4. Stuff - Nobody
5. These Drugs Aren't Working -Uglyhead
6. Mourning Wallace - Art Monks
7. Heraland - Hose.Got.Cable
8. Stuff - Nobody
9. Faces Of Death - Flailo
10. Shot House - Yardmonster
11. Stuff - Nobody
12. Skyliner - Labradford
13. Fixing A Light - Pelt
14. Throttled Sleep - Uglyhead
15. Uncommon Bedfellow - Damn Near Red
16. Stuff - Nobody
17. South Rising Sun - Somatron
18. D0-Desu Ka Den - Mulch
19. Grit - Buzzov*en
20. 1 Trick Pony - Ladyfinger
21. Greed - Flailo
22. Stuff - Nobody
23. Snorkle Snak - King Sour
24. Still - Pelt
25. Stuff - Nobody
26. Cambridge Lights - Damn Near Red
27. Rolly Roll - Spot Me 20
28. Instrumental - 3.10
29. Stuff - Nobody
30. Stuff - Nobody
31. Stuff - Nobody
32. Stuff - Nobody
33. Stuff - Nobody
34. Stuff - Nobody
35. Stuff - Nobody
36. Stuff - Nobody
37. Stuff - Nobody

(as you may have guessed, "Stuff - Nobody" equals random talking or noise, that's just how it's listed on the cd)

Craniac said...

Awesome. I was in Yardmonster. Thanks for the post. Richmond had some great bands back then. Slanglaos was by far the best band out of Richmond at the time unfortunately they only put out a 7".

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

You know Ladyfinger has Pen Rollings from Honor Role/Breadwinner/Butterglove/Loincloth on drums, right?

Also, Slang liaos were fucking AWESOME. i LOVE that 7"

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Or Sliang Laos, even. Cannot find their stuff ANYWHERE online.

BTW, I can't seem to get this file to open properly, any chance of a re-upload?

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