Saturday, June 6, 2009

unwound - fake train

released 1993

look at's a saturday night...and i'm filling some requests

what we have here is the band unwound...they came from the other seattle,wa (aka "olympia")

this was the first non-spoken word album to be released on the kill rock star label

singer/guitarist justin tropser was also in the band worst case scenario (whose discography can be found inside this get to digging)

so if you're down with the sonic youths...the pixies...the mission of burmas...and the can get down with this on the first night

and who doesn't want tom jones staring back at them...undressing you with his eyes

DL: fake train pt.1
DL: fake train pt.2


Sean said...

Demolition at 33 RPM. This, along with a utility knife and a case of chocolate Yoo-Hoo would be on the "deserted island provisions list". Of course I'd have to learn to build a turntable out of coconuts...the "Live In Toulouse" soundboard bootleg has been floating around online as of late as well.

clint said...

what could be a better way to spend your saturday night? if you ever come across any bootlegs or demos, you know what to do.

julius orange said...

one of my favorite albums ever!

alexia said...

I agree, julius orange. You, I might add, are quite a tasty drink.

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