Saturday, June 6, 2009

polvo - celebrate the new dark age ep

released 1994

and the request train keeps on a-movin'

here's polvo...say the band's name in'll get you one of 2 things:
1: cleaned
2: laid

they were one of the bands to get that whole math rock thing set into motion back in the early 1990s

they sound like some sonic youth mixed with some pixies with a dash of pavement and a pinch of dinosaur jr and hater

DL: celebrate the new dark age ep


Sean said...

they're playing soon in NYC with obits (ex-Pitchfork/Edsel/Drive Like Jehu/Hot Snakes/whoever else I left off)...the "tightest loose" band I think I ever saw. The re-issue packaging for this REALLY screams "clean me, lay me".

clint said...

"obits", is that spelled right? i like the jehu and the snakes... i must check this one out.

clint said...

i said "Polvo" in Jaurez one time and got some blow...

Manel said...

Obits kick ass, you gotta love rick froberg!
I don´t know if you heard the news regarding Polvo: they´re releasing a new album on Merge this year, recorded by Brian Paulson

robbie talihan said...

Link's broke. it downloads fine but then it won't open in itunes. ps nice blog, man.

Sebastian Sharif said...

Hey! Any chance you could re-up this?


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