Saturday, June 6, 2009

steel pole bath tub - the miracle of sound in motion

released in 1993

the melvins recorded an album under a different name as a joke for their major label debut...but atlantic records were having none of it (turns out...major labels don't have a sense of humor...look at what happened to nirvana) the HOUDINI album was released instead

and you even get a cover of the pogues song "down all the days"

DL: the miracle of sound in motion


cdb said...

Am I misreading this, or are you suggesting that Steel Pole Bathtub is The Melvins under a different name? Cause I'm fairly certain that is not the case.

1009 said...

I think this post is in "ironic" mode. Melvins and SPBT did a split single (which I think was posted here at some point?) once. They've "associated," to put it politely.

Anonymous said...

Hi, pls can u upload SPBT 7 inches material?? Thx.

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