Thursday, June 4, 2009

Engine Kid - Angel Wings

Label: Revelation
Year: 1995

We posted the first Engine Kid album awhile back on this here blog, and that one generated a fair amount of "hits" (in the parlance of the interweb world), so it seems you are ready to handle the second, and dare I say, better of their records. 
Surely all of us (and I do count myself as one) Gorilla Biscuits fans were a bit perplexed at the inclusion of Engine Kid on the Revelation Records roster, but after Burn and Quicksand, I suppose this album was "hardcore enough" to fit the bill of the changing label. If you had heard the first album, then this one isn't much of a surprise, you still are basically channeling Slint though much larger and beefier amps, and the guys playing the music have spent a fair amount of time wrestling punk and hardcore riffs to the ground prior to this outing. Nah'mean? This album is still way more burly than the weird jazz freakouts that would show up on their split with Iceburn around this same time, and could more be seen as a preview to the huge sounds singer/guitarist Greg Anderson would be making after Engine Kid's demise in Burning Witch and Goatsnake. 
If you thought the first album was too "Slint-y", try this one and let me know what you think. If you appreciate math rock, hardcore, or metal, I think you can find something about this one to latch onto.


BĂ„ndi said...

ENGINE KID fuckin' blasted my fuckin' ears, motherfucker. NAH'DON'TKNOWWHATYOUMEAN. That shit's fuckin' spent. "Too Slint-y"? That's ridiculous. Slint pulls the cord over the labia tragedy; the filthy nacre of night.

This albums is fucking TREMENDOUS. FUCK ALL OF YOU.

Gray said...

it's positive, it's negative..possibly authored by someone who is utilizing English as a second language, but ultimately one of the best comments ever posted in these hallowed halls.

bravo sir.

Peter Tron said...

That is a classic comment, no doubt about it. [i remember john peel playing 'quarter mile stick thunder' from the previous LP, and i loved every shitting second of it!! Even though the radio station introduced an inordinate amount of compression on the track, which took away all the quiet/loud dynamics, but,...fuck it!

Have one on me, lads! [engine kid are a top titting act!!!


Justin Crash said...

nothing can top that comment. that's almost as awesome as finding this angel wings. thanks to youse.

greg higgins said...

yes, i agree that this album and the comments on it are true; it is tremendous, and not too slint-y.

Andrea said...


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