Tuesday, June 2, 2009

bar-b-q killers - live ass

"ain't this the fuckin' best thing you've heard since led zeppelin died?"

the bar-b-q killers were a band out of athens,ga (they've been mentioned on this very blog before)

vocalist laura carter did david yow before david yow did david yow (know what i mean?)...she later went on to front the band jack o' nuts (whose discography can be found here as well)

they only released one album (1987's COMELY)

i don't know the story behind this...i randomly found it whilst parusing the internets late one night (that's when all the good materials make themselves seen)...i'm assuming that this is a bootleg (it sounds as if it were recorded by someone with their boom box from the back of the room)...and i'm thinking it may have been recorded in a bar

1 - his or hearse
2 - summer lovin'
3 - psycho
4 - green jeans
5 - your steaming asshole is fogging up my glasses
6 - blood brother
7 - womb to tomb
8 - holy fucking jesus christ
9 - exit this frozen skin graft
10 - use it or lose it

DL: live ass

"his or hearse" from the movie ATHENS,GA-INSIDE/OUT


James Joyce said...

Best Athens band from the inside/out era. I bought their album when I was in high school but didn't like it. Great potential, though.

BĂ„ndi said...

This shit is the real juice bar shit, the punk outside the walls of the labia. You know the high school paint can blowjob, motherfucker? Well, I motherfuckin' do. Christ's dick, when I listen to these righteous jams... I wanna... I wanna... shave the pubis and wear the false nose!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting "Comely"?

Jeremy Snyder said...

Very good and impossible to find. Thanks for putting this here.

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