Tuesday, June 23, 2009


ok...i'm putting up an I NEED SOMETHING beacon (and it looks like a baby that's soiled itself...in case you're wondering...and yes...it's the world's first scratch 'n sniff beacon...so enjoy)

they were a drum and bass duo (ala godheadsilo sans vocals) out of minneapolis,mn

they split up back in 2005...i witnessed their final show in pierre,sd (7.30)

during their 7 years together they released an ep (BOOM/BIP) and a full length (NOSE,BEARD,COBRA,AND OMAR)...which i had purchased at that very show...but lost them somewhere down the road

and here's what i'm wondering: does anyone out there have either of these albums?...and if you do...would you be willing to share them?

and if you were willing to share them...i'd make you king of my world for a day...and i'd even make you something in shop class (hopefully you like homoerotic he-man characters)

so...is there anybody out there?


1009 said...

Can't help you with the toons, but -- are you based in Pierre? I might have to move out there in a few months & if I do I'll need to make some obnoxious noise while I'm there. You don't play drums, do you?

ipecac said...

i used to live near pierre...the town used to have quite the scene back in the day

and actually...i do play the drums...but am without a kit a the moment...had to sell it a few years back...apparently there's thins thing called "rent" that needs to get paid in order to live somewhere

i never got that memo

but i do have a pair of drumsticks...and you can totally follow me around the house as i play some epic jams on whatever i can find to hit

dgen said...

yeah, i remember seeing them play at 7th street entry back when i lived in minneapolis, with I think godheadsilo? cant remember.. too far back, I can ask around to my old twin cities friends though for you..ill find it im sure.. totally off the subject but find some gneissmaker stuff.. good mpls amrep styled metal/posthc/sludgey

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