Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hoover - Lurid Traversal of Route 7

I feel the need to post something from DC. I think I'll pick some Hoover. If you're into that dirty bass, yelling and a pinch of wiry guitar interplay, you might be into this sorta thing. Actually, If you're a guitar dork like myself, you should give this a listen. A little on the Fugazi side, but different. Check it out and we can talk shop in the comments. I like fragment sentences.



nonoy said...

never got their second release. Is it worth a listen?

Sean said...

I had the pleasure of seeing them twice, once at the beginning of their arc, once at the tail end...and I still count them amongst two of my happiest live 90s shows. I totally agree about the guitar..patented "spook-tone" ahoy (although I think it was perfected on the Regulator Watts "Aesthetics.." LP). I recently painstakingly made someone a four CD set of Admiral, Hoover, The Boom, etc. etc...and yknow what I got in return? A one-sentence e-mail that said, in effect "wow..that shit gave me nightmares". Kids today, I swear..there's a decent "live on WFMU" radio broadcast floating around from them, but it's one long 56 minute track, yknow..sort of like seeing them live!

Manel said...

This is the best record Dischord ever released, IMO.
They played here in Catalonia last year (I think they also played in London) and it was one of the best shows I´ve ever seen, it was unbelievable. I got to talk to Joe and Fred for a while and they both said they were thinking about getting together but thjat was like a year ago (sept 2008), so I guess that never happened.
The way Al sings at first makes you think of a poor man´s Picciotto, but then there´s just so much emotion and angst in his voice.
Hoover would my favorite band from the Hoover tree, but I definitely recommend Abilene and Regulator Watts.
When you write down all the bands where the four members of Hoover were involved, it´s just crazy:
June of 44
The Boom
The Sorts
Regulator Watts
The Crownhate Ruin
Al dunham, Freddie Erskine, Joe McRedmond and Chris Farrall: you guys are loved.
I got the WFMU concert if you want it

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