Tuesday, June 23, 2009

melvins - 4.20.01 - 40 watt club - athens,ga

word on the street is...there needs to be some more melvins up in here

and not only that...you get some heavy niples

them boys are such givers

1 - the bit (sound check)
2 - intro
3 - eye flys
4 - oven
5 - anaconda
6 - ballad of dwight fry
7 - halo of flies
8 - at the stake
9 - let it all be
10 - amazon
12 - jam
13 - the bit
14 - night goat
15 - with teeth
16 - youth of america (wipers cover)
17 - hung bunny*

*=22:08 version

DL: melvins@40 watt pt.1
DL: melvins@40 watt pt.2
DL: melvins@40 watt pt.3


ipecac said...

*waits for gray to say "i was at this show maaaan"*

clint said...

'01 was a good year for the Melvins. i wasn't at this particular show but i did see them in Albuquerque that year, same tour i'm sure.

accidentallydomesticated said...

I just lactated with joy! Thank you.

1009 said...

You know, I was just on the phone with my Mom, saying, "Mom, I really like this one blog, but it's just, they don't have enough Melvins on it, you know?" And she said "Melvins don't come easy," but she was wrong because here they are.

Gray said...

i hate to disappoint, but i was not at that show. sorry.
i was living in atlanta by that time, and it takes a lot...repeat...A LOT to get me to athens, georgia for a show.

i haven't seen the melvins in years, probably not since i was in college (ironically enough...in athens).

Matt Anderson said...

i always find myself coming back to this band to see if i might end up liking them one day. today is no different and i still don't enjoy them at all, on any level. i saw them at the 40 watt with Dalek and Tomahawk and they made me wish i'd stayed home. i know, i know: my ears are broken.

bite itself said...

hi. nice blog.

i was at this show. when hung bunny started, it polarised the audience. a not negligible amount of people left. i thought it was awesome, although i had to go sit down at that point. this was one of, if not the best time i saw the melvins who i think now are in a particularly boring spot in their career.

anyway, thanks for putting this up.

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