Tuesday, June 23, 2009

v/a - to live and die in tampa bay

released 2004 (i think)

i came across this comp whilst perusing used cds...and it made me a little homesick...i used to live near tampa and have seen some of these bands play (mostly in the backroom of the sound idea record store in brandon R.I.P.)

i remember seeing a band play outside the library in brandon once (though i can't remember the name of the band...bob suren...the vocalist for murder suicide pact was their drummer)...they played to about 5-6 people...i was there with a girl that i was seeing at the time...she was all like "ho hum"...and i was all like "punk rock"...it was good times

but enough story telling...it's the music you want

if you can picture some kids playing some punk rock mixed in with some folks with beards in a garage(or outside a library)...then you pretty much know what you're getting yourself into with this (denim jackets with black flag bars included)

and there's a band called vagina sore jr. on this

need i say more?

1 - the tim version - bernie kosar
2 - the tim version - we're a collective badass
3 - the dukes of hillsborough - freedom fight her beer
4 - the dukes of hillsborough - the weather underneath the weather
5 - clairmel - weed and seed
6 - clairmel - crystal marbles
7 - super power abuse - pacing
8 - super power abuse - hell is adverstising
9 - arcade inferno - automatic
10 - arcade inferno - molly speaks
11 - flat stanley - waste of time
12 - flat stanley - count on it
13 - the rogue set - tonight st. pete burns
14 - the rogue set - song for lj
15 - vagina sore jr. - vast horizons and approaching mountain ranges
16 - vagina sore jr. - rules
17 - chest rockwell - wednesday
18 - chest rockwell - dead dialect
19 - crash mitchell - dave rat liked to have fun
20 - (unlisted track)

DL: to live and die in tampa bay pt.1
DL: to live and die in tampa bay pt.2

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Bakla said...

so many of my favorites on this comp the Tim version, the Dukes of Hillsborough, Clairmel and Vaginasore jr, I'll have to track down a copy

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