Saturday, June 27, 2009

nirvana - 4.16.90 - lee's palace - toronto canada

this was one of chad channing's last gigs as drummer for the band

at the end of the show...kurt began to throw glass bottles at the wall behind the drumkit...which lead to the audience to do the same...krist novoselic had to be carried off the stage due to the fact of him always playing in his bare feet

and it's crazy to think about..but roughly 4 years later from the date of this show...kurt would be dead...nirvana were one of those rare bands that packed so much into such a small window of time

1 - intro
2 - school
3 - floyd the barber
4 - love buzz
5 - dive
6 - scoff
7 - about a girl
8 - breed
9 - spank thru
10 - in bloom
11 - been a son
12 - stain
13 - negative creep
14 - big cheese
15 - molly's lips
16 - blew

DL: nirvana@lee's palace
(link fixed..if there are any other problems..leave comments)


David Snusgrop said...

Thanks, man.

And cheer for all the C Average stuff, about time they get some exposure.

peskypesky said...

i bet Kurt spins in his grave very time the Foo Fighters release another album of shit...and wishes he'd never changed drummers.

chris said...

link be dead

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