Saturday, June 27, 2009

the jesus lizard - 4.29.91 - dc space - washington,dc

word on the street is...there needs to be more yow and the boys up in here

and by the looks of it...they're givers too

though you may want to schedule something at the free clinic afterward

1 - then comes dudley
2 - one evening
3 - killer mchann
4 - nub
5 - pastoral
6 - lady shoes
7 - bloody mary
8 - mouth breather
9 - tight 'n shiny/seasick
10 - blockbuster
11 - chrome
12 - monkey trick
13 - sunday you need love
14 - 7 vs 8

DL: the jesus lizard@dc space

1 comment:

clintellectual said...

fuck ya! lizard in their prime! i just got all drunk to this shit and took a grudge ride on my bike cuz my little town sux and the only cool chick here is my ex and i have nothing better to do on a saturday night. then these jocks thought it would be funny to play 'fuck with the bicyclist' but when they saw i was down to scrap they got scared and sped away. i'll try harder next time Mr. Yow! sorry im fuckin drunk and i STILL love Jesus Lizard so much after all these years. the perfect mix of technical skill, creative aesthetic, and raw psychosis!

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