Saturday, June 27, 2009

black flag - 2.8.85 - los angeles,ca

what you get here is the entire THE PROCESS OF WEEDING OUT album (+1) done live

i'm not really sure where in l.a. this took place...but i'll bet there were plenty of pissed off punk rock folks just standing around with mouthfuls of saliva waiting for hank to take the stage while this was going down

as for where hank was...he was probably off somewhere writing in his journal...and making sure his tiny shorts were seething with just the right amount of sweat

1 - the process of weeding out
2 - obliteration*
3 - screw the law
4 - southern rise
5 - your last affront

*=from the SLIP IT IN album

DL: the process of weeding out +1 live

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