Friday, June 12, 2009

Kittens - Doberman

Label: Kittensongs
Year: 1994

By request, here is more Kittens material. They put out a fair amount of records, but they're pretty hard to come by (the first few were cassette releases). You can find another of their albums on this blog back in the archives if you just do a search for it. Also, I have their split with Shallow North Dakota which is a really good one too. 
Anycrap, the band was(is, they seem to have reunited?) a gnarly proposition, spewing some really warped sludgy noise rock. Instruments always seem slightly out of tune, but the band can't be bothered with technicalities once they launch into one of their steamrolling hate fucks of a riff. Slow and steady, hot and nasty. They are the unholy amalgamation of Gob, Cursed, Melvins, Jesus Lizard, and a hint of Black Flag, and if you can find fault with any one of those bands...I will remove my glove and proceed to slap you directly across your fat face with it. I'm sorry, but I won't tolerate your tomfoolery any longer.
I apologize for not having the album artwork uploaded...but aren't those kittens just darling?


ipecac said...

i once saw something like that after i ate a bad (or good...i can;t really decide) bean burrito at some random mexican restaurant (aka "some guy selling food out of his van")

the one on the left sounded like dr. cox from scrubs...and the other one spoke only in metallica lyrics (post-and justice for i didn't really pay attention to him)

and to make a not so long story short...i came to in some motel room with my wallet missing and a rash

ipecac said...


1 - hocus pocus
2 - opossum
3 - jack knife
4 - totem
5 - queen of clubs
6 - cat o' nine tails
7 - butterfly
8 - upper cut
9 - pluto

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