Saturday, June 13, 2009

kittens - bazooka and the hustler

released 1997

look at me,ma
i'm re-posting

seeing as how there's been a rash of kittens liking as of get BAZOOKA AND THE HUSTLER again

and i'm pretty sure there won't be any sort of complaining about that

this has been getting a lot of play by me as of late (if you know what i mean)...and is easily one of those dessert island (if only) albums in my opinion

it's hard to get this outta yer head after listening to it just once...just go and give "great dane" or "the coyote of northern italy" a listen and try to get rid of it

if i were to work in an office building...this would be the album that i'd have piping through my headphones as i'd wander from cubicle to cubicle wearing only an assault rifle and an anger boner

but for those of you not in the know...i'll just go ahead and pull a john fogerty:

"these canadians provide the soundtrack for a slumber party over at unsane's house...
sounding like a very angry buzz osbourne fronting the jesus lizard and fighting helmet while tag teaming godheadsilo"

DL: bazooka and the hustler


Jessmode said...

One of the best ever...RIP David Kelly.

clintellectual said...

diggin' the Kittens... i'd never heard of them before... this is why i hang around this blog...

Terry said...

This is worth sharing...Kittens were one of those bands that came out of a fairly isolated spot (Winnipeg I think) and somehow made something simple and crude sound very original and polished...seeing them play Great Dane was one of my favourite live music moments, the singer snarling and spitting and spasming in a cowboy hat while the bassist stood frozen, letting a long string of drool hang while he played the bassline...

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