Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tanner - Discography

Continuing in the early 1990's San Diego vein, here's Tanner. Gar Wood (Fishwife, Hot Snakes, Beehive and the Barracudas, Night Marchers), Chris Prescott (Hemlock, No Knife, Pinback, etc.) and Matt Ohlin (Hiatus). Think Drive Like Jehu playing pop music... 
Ever get a music boner?
So here is just about everything Tanner ever put to tape in one convenient .zip folder.
Ill Gotten Gains 
7 inch Goodness
A cover of the Misfits, "TV Casualty"



Manel said...

great, thanks so much!
I just got into this band and am actually enjoying them big time.

Manel said...

Stevil said...

One of my favorite bands. Seen 'em play in San Francisco and Tempe. Great guys, great music.

Anonymous said...

Holy SHIT I can't believe you have this stuff, I got a bunch of it stolen from me, I am so happy to find it...

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