Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hot Snakes - Live

I've only had one post on this here blog and I already have requests! The first request comes from some dude out in cyberspace who wants some live Hot Snakes. So here it is, the final word on the mighty Hawt Snakes, Thunder Down Under. Recorded for Australian radio station JJJ in 2005, it boasts all of the groups top ten hits along with b-side only remixes by Right Said Fred and The Black Eyed Pee!
I do have more Snakes and will post some if ya'll want it...



Manel said...

the dude from cyberspace already has this motherfucker on red hot vinyl, but thanks anyway
baby, hit me one more time!

Anonymous said...

This was an excellent upload. Thank You!


jonderneathica said...

Thanks for the live Snakes!!!

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