Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Unwound - Demo

Label: Self-released
Year: 1991

I thought this had been posted here already, but apparently it hasn't, so maybe I just saw it recently somewhere else in cyberspace. Who knows? But for your edification, here's the Unwound demo tape that they were selling in 1991 featuring their first batch of songs, and an interesting look at the formative years of what would turn out to be one of the better bands of their generation. You might well have heard two of these tracks already as they appear on the "Single History" compilation, but the other six jams were never released outside of this cassette. 
As you would imagine, the songwriting and musicianship is still finding itself, and certainly these songs aren't quite as good as what they would later release, but they are still really good songs. Like, if your band, or my band released a demo tape, nobody's gonna be talking about it almost 20 years later, unless your band is called Shadowman...cause in that case, your demo fucking ruled (anyone here remember Shadowman? No? Sorry). Unwound just has that knack for burying pop hooks deep in their noise/punk/emo stew. What a fucking good band, you know? Fucking good.


clint said...

they were indeed a fucking good band

Manel said...

unwound, one of the most underrated bands of all time
gracias amigos

julius orange said...

pretty much my favorite band ever.

Louie said...

Can't quite get enough of Unwound. I'm with Julius, they are also my favorite.

dgen said...

one of mine as well, man the 90s barfed up some great shit.. unsane,unwound,jawbox,fugazi,quicksand,season to risk,etc etc

Anonymous said...

i sang for shadowman, im joe crawford. i have the demo and other songs we put out on a couple records. if you want them just email me at isisnowwas@yahoo.com.
its cool to think some people still remember us.


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