Saturday, June 13, 2009

faith no more - 6.12.09 - download festival - donington,england

honestly...when i'd heard that faith no more were getting back together...i got a little sick to my stomach and kept repeating "nothing good can come of this" and "only if they do the ANGEL DUST album in it's entirety and walk off the stage" to whoever would listen to me

the band that mike patton himself said would never get back together

and then a mysterious video popped up on youtube of the band practicing

and then the playing of the download festival turned into a mini tour of europe

and all of this is happening without guitarist jim martin (who must be too busy tending to his prize winning pumpkins...he once won an award for one that weighed in at 1,087lbs)...guitarist jon hudson is taking his place (so you're getting the ALBUM OF THE YEAR line-up)

thus far...there are no US dates (but i can see that as changing)

i went into the listening of this with a cringed look on my face...but that quickly wasn't the car crash that i thought it was going to be...and thankfully it lacked in mike patton's orca whales having sex vocal histrionics

could a mr. bungle reunion be that far off?..."nothing good can come of that" and "only if they play the SELF-TITLED and DISCO VOLANTE albums and then walk off the stage"

1 - reunited (peaches and herb cover)
2 - the real thing
3 - from out of nowhere
4 - land of sunshine
5 - caffeine
6 - evidence
7 - chinese arithmetic
8 - surprise! you're dead!
9 - easy
10 - last cup of sorrow
11 - midlife crisis
12 - introduce yourself
13 - gentle art of making enemies
14 - take this bottle
15 - ashes to ashes
16 - malpractice
17 - cuckoo for caca
18 - be aggressive
19 - epic
20 - mark bowen
21 - chariots of fire/stripsearch
22 - we care a lot

DL: faith no more@download pt.1
DL: faith no more@download pt.2


r.boy said...

Thanks thanx tx....

Matt Anderson said...

wow. thanks! i highly doubt any US shows are forthcoming. makes sense.

clint said...

i've always had "faith" in Mike Patton.

Donut Duck (Your Punk Rawk Fonzie) said...

Thanks alot! this show was banned lesewhere because of the webstream.


RB said...

Thanks a ton for posting this!

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