Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mukilteo Fairies - Closet Check

Label: Outpunk
Year: 1994

Phone conversation between me and Mukilteo Fairies.

MF (Mukilteo Fairies): Hello?
GK (me): Hi, is this Mukilteo Fairies?
MF: Yes it is, can I help you?
GK: Sure can, I just had a quick question for you.
MF: Okay, shoot.
GK: What the fuck?
MF: What do you mean? Is that your question, 'what the fuck'?
GK: Yes it is. That is my question. What the fuck?
MF: Wow, that's a tough one to answer. I'm not sure where to start.
GK: Well, how about explaining to me how what's essentially a grindcore band ended up putting out records on Kill Rock Stars, YoYo, Honey Bear, Outpunk, and Bang Pop.
MF: Oh, yeah that. And like, how no actual hardcore or grindcore fans ever even heard of us? Sure, it's a fair question, and I'm sure it has to do with the fact that we were indie rockers at heart flirting with this kind of music for the two years that we even existed, and so our friends were the people at those labels, and on a lark they would release our records. Generally speaking, most Masskontroll fans aren't shopping in the same record bins where the YoYo releases are. Know what I mean?
GK: Yeah, I do. So then why should I give a fuck?
MF: Well, you certainly don't have to, but our music is well done if you like sloppy, speedy, screamy, thrashing punk blasts. Oh, and the band has members who went on to be in ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Our Dead, Behead The Prophet...No Lord Shall Live, The Emerald Down, and Lords Of Lightspeed. People seem to really be into those bands.
GK: I get it. Thanks. Anyway, I gotta run now, but I appreciate your time. Have a great evening.
MF: No sweat, my pleasure. Good night.


ipecac said...

bro,you made this same exact phone call to my house the other day

drunk dialing again?

Anonymous said...

hahaha, nice conversation

Anonymous said...

i love grind. and i love mukilteo fairies, for fifteen years only from rock stars kill comp. i am so excited. thank you internet!!


Anonymous said...


behead the prophet nlsl ...ahhhh!!mazing too.


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