Sunday, April 12, 2009

J.J. Paradise Players Club - Wine Cooler Blowout

Label: Tee Pee
Year: 2001

I posted the "Regenesis" album some months back, and I think that when I did, someone asked about this one. If I am in fact remembering correctly, then I apologize for taking so long to remember to get around to it. If I'm remembering incorrectly...well...fuck it all then.
In that original post I gave you my two cents on the band, their lineage and all of that, so there's no real need to rehash. But, in spirit of fairness, here's the Cliff Notes on J.J. Paradise Players Club:
Four dudes, all playing in other bands; Glazed Baby, The Kill Van Kull, Unsane, Kiss It Goodbye, Hell No, Die 116, Go!, and Shiner decide to get together to play loud, nasty music which draws equally from their nuanced pedigrees. Do I need to explain what that sounds like? I feel like I shouldn't have to, so I won't. Just listen to it. You'll thank me later. I thank me all the time.
All music should be this good.

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