Thursday, April 9, 2009

fudge tunnel - creep diets

released 1993

i first came across this album years ago at a garage sale of all places...for a dollar no less...apparently the people were selling off some of their daughter's (yes...daughter) belongings while she was away in school...and as i handed over my hard earned dollar bill...part of me wanted to ask for the daughter's phone number...but these folks didn't exactly look the type to be setting their daughter up with someone who was being accompanied by someone with facial piercings and such

oh what could've been

this album has a little bit of everything...from helmet-like grooves (listen to 2:56-3:24 of the song "face down" and try not to break some furniture...or at least scare the wife and kids...i'm thinking that you don't really need another "incident") a touching song about an ex girlfriend ("don't have time for you")

after the band went on "hiatus" in 1995...singer/guitarist alex newport went on to form a short lived industrial metal band called nailbomb with ex-sepultura frontman max cavalera..and became a producer on albums from the likes of at the drive in...the melvins...and system of a down (just to name a few)...and then went on to form the band theory of ruin

what happened to the other two guys?
only their parents know for sure

take with some unsane...some early helmet...and steve albini
live with it


Patrick said...

Hate Songs in E minor (the album before Creep Diets) is an overlooked masterpiece. Heck, Tudge Funnel's whole career was pretty much overlooked. Hard to believe they were an Earache band.

Anonymous said...

Fucking Fudge Tunnel!

I thought my ears were bleeding the first time I heard 'em
after that it was all over!

julius orange said...

yup. this album fucking rules.

Roger Camden said...

oh man
was that record any good?

Justin Crash said...

i was loving the fudge tunnel (that sounds pretty bad, but you know what i mean) - then i picked up this 7" by a band called "fudge tunnel" - and it was a kind of daniel johnston style happy song that went "i've got a little red fire engine ..." and it turned out it was a different band - and i was like... there are Two Fudge Tunnels??

ipecac said...

well...with the miracles of modern medicine...anything is possible

Jake Shell said...

Fudge Tunnel were awesome, though I have to confess a vested interest....

Drummer Ady was in my band Tubesurfer during/after FT. We recorded a single with Alex which FT bassist Dave released on his label BGR.

Don't know where Ady or Dave are now. Great fellas, very funny.

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