Thursday, April 9, 2009

Truly - Heart And Lungs

Label: Sub Pop
Year: 1991

As a follow up to the Soundgarden from yesterday, here's the band Hiro Yamaoto started after leaving that group. He got the drummer of Screaming Trees, and the vocalist of Storybook Krooks on board as well, and away they went. On to murky, catchy, grungy (dare I say?) world of Truly. Certainly not metallic like Soundgarden, they have more in common with the epic dark pop of Screaming Trees, but without the booming vocals. There's also a touch of Mudhoney styled garage rave-ups in there too.
This was their first record, and it's a good one. Give it a whirl.


ipecac said...

not to be mr. anal (speaking of which...i need my dvd back...the parents are coming over this know who you are) about this...but...did you not get the memo?...this was posted waaaaay back in june

but it's totally ok with's worthy of a repost

and you may just have kicked off something with all this

but seriously though...i need that dvd back

gray said...

look dude, i cannot be responsible for reviewing the back catalog of this here blog-o-sphere...i have family feud to watch. i am very important you know.

ipecac said...

richard dawson>louie anderson

and you know this

gray said...

it's the guy from seinfeld now, but yes, richard dawson is a legend. remember that fool in "running man"? genius.

also, you can't read the red text over the gray background. i say, go black background, and smaller text, but that's just me.

chris said...

Thanks for this! I still have the Sub Pop Sleeve this came in and haven't been able to find the actual cd in years.

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