Wednesday, December 31, 2008

12 rounds - my big hero

released in 1998

i witnessed this band in chicago back in 1998 at the aragon ballroom...they were opening for marilyn manson as part of the promo run for the mechanical animals album (yes...i was at a marilyn manson's all part of my dark past...we've all been there)...originally i was under the assumption that the band rasputina were opening (which would've been just as ok...but when the curtain went back and there stood 12 nips got a little hard)...everyone around me was a little more than confused as to what the gender of the singer was (female)...and i a stood there waiting for them to play the song "pleasant smell" as i had just recently discovered them through the showing of the video for said song on the mtv (remember mtv and videos?)...needless to say that i was probably one of the few that left with a tshirt that night

and the marilyn manson part of the him in a sexless white costume (as seen in the "the dope show" video) and standing at a pulpit tearing apart a bible and throwing the pages into the audience...let's just say that the eyeliner wearing crowd had something to talk about in study hall

as for the could be described as portishead and nine inch nails making dirty gothic psychobilly jazzy love on halloween while nick cave sits in the corner and watches

that's quite the image right there...go on...get that in your head

this was the band's second album...and they have a third one recorded and ready for public consumption...but for some reason it was put on hold (and that was back in '98-' it's not looking so good)...and the band has been on hiatus since about the same time

so...if you're looking for something to accompany the flickering of a it

questionable gender songs

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