Wednesday, December 31, 2008

jucifer - calling all cars on the vegas strip

released in 1999

i was lucky enough to be right up in the front to let my eyes and ears drown in the joy that is jucifer live...singer amber valentine is able to produce frozen mollases with her guitar strings while singing like an angel and a banshee...drummer (and amber's mate) ed livengood hits the drums like john bonham never existed (he literally played himself off of his stool more than a few times)...and all of this goes on under the watchful eye of multiple amps that tower over them from behind

but before they were the sludgy behemoth they are today...they had more of a pixies meets melvins kinda thing going on

what drew me to the band was the video for the song "superman"...i was at home in the kitchen...and i had the tv on in the background...and as i was making a sammich...this heavy HEAVY song came over the i rushed back into the room to see only 2 people making this heavenly noise...a dynamic duo indeed

so here you go...i'm thinking you know what to do

and now this...


David Snusgrop said...

That drum sound is pure heaven.

Mars said...

I used to work at the Echo Lounge where I witnessed Jucifer get ordered around like a couple servants fetching their shitplowed label douche drinks and stuff.


It was fucking embarrassing. By the end of the night I had threatened to throat punch him if he wasn't escorted from the building.

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