Wednesday, December 31, 2008


bob ross

and can add my name to that list
i've returned (albeit for only a few hours)

apparently they like it when you pay for your usage of the internet...i had no idea seeing as how i didn't receive that i've been having to make the walk to the local library...and let me tell's strange to have to be wearing pants while in front of a computer

i'd also like to take this opportunity to thank a one mr. gray for holding everything down...if it weren't for him...i'd never know the multiple joys of waking up drunk next to random midgets and smelling of birthday cake

and i'd also like to give a big UPS to the 28 of you that follow this's nice knowing that this short bus is getting a little bigger

and i'd also like to thank the random members of bands that frequent this blog and don't get all lars ulrich-y about things

we here at the SGM are gonna continue bringing you the product that you so desire (NOW WITH MORE AFTERTASTE!)

as for the colostomy grab-bag...honestly...i just don't know...part of me wants to delete it from the blogosphere...and part of me wants to keep it around because i feel sorry for it (i'm sure most of you know that feeling)...who knows what'll become of it...give us your input on that...we like your input...we really really do (and yes...we were totally saying that as we raised our eyebrow and licked our lips)

and we're going to try and stretch out the boundaries around here a's called "adapting"...get used to it mr. uptight trousers as how i'm here for a limited time...i'm gonna make some insertions...and i know how you all like insertions

and i know that most of you are wondering what a david hasselhoff soap dispenser has to do with any of this...and the answer is this: it has everything to do with everything...and if you even had to ask that question...why are you here?

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Cheeto said...

Come back..we miss you at Sludge Swamp.... I will pay your internet, really.

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