Wednesday, October 1, 2008

They Were Tight Bros From Way Back

Year: the golden era of huffing
Label: some dude's answering machine tape

Following up on the Tight Bros From Way Back When post, from...well, way back when, I thought I'd post the impetus of that band's name, this recording. Depending on who you believe, this is either the greatest phone call ever captured on tape, or a fantastic hoax. I tend to think it's authentic merely because the minor character in the tape seems to be goading the major character to regale him with tales of satanism, heavy metal, fighting, and dodging the law. Seems to me, one dude has this "crazy friend" and decided he should record a typical phone call with the guy for posterity sake.
The "tight bros." in question, by the way, are Anton LaVey and King Diamond, who apparently have been buddies for a long least according to this guy. Just do yourself a favor and listen.

By the way, while researching for an appropriate image for this post I noticed that Lo-Res Viscera had this on his blog like a year ago, proving that he is two steps ahead of the game, and deserving of your adoration. In case you've never visited that blog...stop being a retard and get over there already, the link is over there on the right hand side. I thought about not posting this out of respect for Mr. Viscera, but then I remembered that this is the internet, and its basically lord of the flies out here, so I would be remiss not to get it out there. Big ups Lo-Res Viscera.


ipecac said...

you and your asmar!

Gray said...

what in the sam hill is an asmar?!

ipecac said...

have you not actually read lord of the flies?

piggy...the kid that gets his head crunched in by the rock had "asmar" (aka "asthma")

sucks to your asmar!

i'm a nerd

Lo-Res Viscera said...

Just goes to show that YOU guys have good taste too - cheers!

the worried well said...

The link is not linked there Mr Gray. I went fishing in lo-res' pond for it but thought you'd want to know anyhoo.

It made me look like a crazy person on the train today. I'll get a carriage to myself tomorrow for sure. so thanks guys. I think.

Gray said...

sorry about that everyone...late night. it's fixed.

Anonymous said...


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