Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Space Streakings - Hatsu-Koi

Year: 1993
Label: Nux Organization / Charnel House

Last post of the night, then I gotta get to's getting late. And this one is per a request from my main man Double Jesus.
The story is that this was concocted by four video game programmers in Japan who went under the names Captain Insect, Karate Condor, Kame Bazooka, and Screaming Stomach and utilized bizarre instrumentation which was supposed to include, among other things, a gasoline powered guitar. Huh? Do I even need to tell you what it sounds like? Can't you guess?
It's bordering on all out noise, it's screeching, skronking, shouting, sampling, spazzy, and oh so Japanese. This frenzied mess could only be emitted from a culture that constrained. Honestly, I believe that.
If you like Melt Banana, Boredoms, Hatoba, CCCC, a little Merzbow, and a little Zeni Geva, this one will be right up your alley. Coincidentally, this was produced by KK Null.


James Joyce said...

I actually have a different Space Streakings record on Skin Graft. Maybe they just reissued it with different artwork or whatever. I remember them playing the Midtown Music Hall and Kame Bazooka actually had a bazooka that he "played" onstage. Societal repression definitely makes you weirder - thanks Japan!

ipecac said...

it's called "penis envy"

Mars said...

I went to see them at the Middle East in Boston with Mount Shasta, but their van broke down. On our way back to Maine, me and the girl I was with got run off the road by a UFO. really.

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