Wednesday, October 15, 2008

sour...bitter...everyone seems to agree that i don't taste very nice

"Long time reader. First time fuck you.

You're a fucking poser. Please reference "tight & shiny" again, just so we know how hardcore (or whatever you wanna call it) you really are.

Shame on me for believing in a creator. How horrid and deserving of degradation I am. Why didn't I read your blog earlier? I would've had it all figured out by now, and could've taken my head out of the oven long ago. I am not worthy of listening to such music. I cannot possibly earn the patch.

You just leapt onto a supremacy pile that most of this music tries to expose. It isn't one way or another. Its the other or

And since I'm writing, I can no longer ignore the fucking shit-in-the-can-OBVIOUS analogies, references, descriptions, and so-on. The fact that you run a "blog" detailing these releases belies the fact that they weren't ever made for (what is now) "blog" consumption.

And now, you are forgotten."

we finally got our first piece of e-hate...compliments of a one "phantom foetus" (i went to check out his blog...but it didn't exist...which leads me to think that he created one just so he can be mr. the ultimate keyboard warrior...and if that be the case...we're honored..or honoured in some places)

now...we've never claimed to be musical "supremacists" (though we are a few other adjectives...which i'm pretty sure that you have your own that you'd like to use)...and didn't think we were coming off as so...all we're trying to do is provide a musical alternative to what's going on nowadays...and yes...we're aware of the many other blogs in this same format...but i have to tell you...if i weren't already part of this very blog...and i just randomly came across nipples would get hard...both of them

and i was considering not posting this...but as soon as i'd read was already there...i don't know...there's just a part of me that's not able to let sleeping dogs lie...i have to kick it...and then anally rape it's mother while pouring sugar in it's gas tank (and i know what you're thinking.."dogs can't drive stupid head"'s called an a-n-a-l-o-g-y) foetus...if you'd like to continue with your jock sticking their finger in your mashed potatoes and asking you if you were going to eat that waaaaay back in high school anger towards us...please continue doing so...we'll enjoy being your mr. t punching bag

and we'll tell you what...we'll keep on keepin' on being the barry/david cross-like blog that folks have come to know and love

now...are you looking for "i just called to say i love you"?


Earweed said...

classic e-hate words. seems a lot of people have problems and try to abort them in the wrong way. keep up the good work and let it be. internet had, has and always will have people that consider themselves as police-internet. if someone doeesn't like the blog at all or doesn't find the words you use or describing the music you love appropiate, he can read another blog he finds more interesting instead.

Gray said...

please see comment, one post back.
also, i apologize for being a poser, i should have never left the house in this condition.

my next post will clearly demonstrate i have no grasp of what makes modern music worth a damn. that is my promise to you, the readers.

Rocky said...

Mr. Foetus is jealous. Fuck him/her.

This blog rules and slays most of the other blogs out there who are in my book poseurs. the blog documents lost gems of rock music and that is a service. anybody who likes good music and not muzak can find a lot of leads here.

yansmd said...

God, what blowjobs is he not getting that he spends minutes/hours of his time writing hatemail to a blog that does nothing but share music with others? You guys are doing a public service if anything. What an ungrateful piece of shit.

Also, I think "Tight and Shiny" is a reference to the Jesus Lizard song during which Yow would distend his sack over his prick live. I don't know why he brings it up though.

Manel said...

god bless this blog, it´s so good it makes want to be a lamp
I love lamp

keep up the good work, guys!

Anonymous said...

im just here for the music. peace

Anonymous said...

This blog is the best fucking thing a man (and a real woman) could ask for. There will always be crybabies and there will always be shitheads. Who could care less about what they think. Keep it going, I've found out many things that I had no clue of since I first got here. Cheers from Greece.

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