Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Godheadsilo - Share The Fantasy

Year: 1998
Label: SubPop

By request, may I present the last gasp from the sorely underrated Godheadsilo. If you know the band, and I will assume most of you do, then...well, enough said, right?
If you don't know the band, I suppose I could tell you that it's a bass and drum duo from Olympia, Washington via Fargo, North Dakota who played some of the loudest, dirtiest, white noise metal ever. In the history of the world. Like, since dinosaurs. For example, a triceratops farts, and that's totally heavy, and gnarly in a prehistoric way, but then fast forward a couple million years (unless you're a Creationist, and in that case please turn of your computer immediately, proceed towards the nearest oven, turn it on, and stick your head inside) when Mike Kunka and Dan Haugh piece together a gigantic kick drum, a wall of speaker cabinets, and a library of distortion pedals to belch out their own Paleozoic ooze, and I think they win. Dude, your grand children's, grand children's, grandchildren will be driving hover cars that run on decomposed Godheadsilo fossils (because, you know, petroleum kinda comes from dinosaur bones, and I made that T-Rex fart reference a minute ago...and...am I drunk?)



ipecac said...

you put the jello puddin' in yah mouth...

Phantom Foetus said...

Long time reader. First time fuck you.

You're a fucking poser. Please reference "tight & shiny" again, just so we know how hardcore (or whatever you wanna call it) you really are.

Shame on me for believing in a creator. How horrid and deserving of degradation I am. Why didn't I read your blog earlier? I would've had it all figured out by now, and could've taken my head out of the oven long ago. I am not worthy of listening to such music. I cannot possibly earn the patch.

You just leapt onto a supremacy pile that most of this music tries to expose. It isn't one way or another. Its the other or

And since I'm writing, I can no longer ignore the fucking shit-in-the-can-OBVIOUS analogies, references, descriptions, and so-on. The fact that you run a "blog" detailing these releases belies the fact that they weren't ever made for (what is now) "blog" consumption.

And now, you are forgotten.

the worried well said...

Hark at Chairman Meowww up there.

Gray said...

mr. foetus,

i have a couple of quick questions here, and then your exit interview will be complete. please know that your candor is appreciated, and we take your comments seriously in an effort to better this organization.

1. the "poser" comment was brillant, but out of curiosity, what are you talking about? how were my credentials measured or what were they cross-referenced against? may i assume your own experiences?
2. i honestly don't understand what the "tight and shiny" comment was. please explain.
3. is your computer in yoru oven, because you seem to indicate such? should we target the "head in the oven" demographic more stringently?
4. i find it odd that you believe music is made by an egalitarian commune who forward the notion of "all man is created equal", or "please don't question popular mythology". interesting. i would argue that people producing the type of music showcased on this blog would make it their life's work to challenge, debate, and rail against the status quo (and hate to tell you sir[?], but the status quo is religion). if you did not believe in your heart that you had something valid to say, why on earth would you take the time write, record, release, ans perform music? furthermore, if life and popular culture are so awesome, why the need to make contrary music?
5. your critiques of the journalism on this site are taken under advisement, but please remember i did not graduate with a degree in english literature. i am not a professional writer of any merit, nor do i aspire to be. funny thing is, i thought that was the beauty of the internet, if you set up a site, you can write whatever the fuck you want, and maybe folks will read it, and maybe they won't. that's the free market working at it's best, and i'm saying that as someone who is generally skeptical of the system. seems to work out here in cyberspace. you seem to have been familiar with this blog for a few weeks or so, why trouble yourself with all the grammatical unpleasantries, shotty wordplay, and hackneyed descriptions?

oh wait a second...i think i understand now...you're just like everyone else who frequents these blogs...you wanted free music. that very same music that "weren't ever made for 'blog' consumption". i get it.

i appreciate your service to shiny grey monotone, and hope you will accept this final fuck you as payment for your time spent.

the worried well said...

ipecac called pissed jeans' sound tight & shiny. I presumed it was just a clear & concise decription of a pair of pissed jeans.

ARXELAOS said...




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