Friday, October 17, 2008

the jesus lizard - 8.23.92 - max's on broadway - baltimore,md

if you're like me...the closest you've ever gotten to seeing the jesus lizard live are the times that you're home alone...and you pop a cd into the stereo...and you take off your shirt and slightly suck in your gut...and start to drunkenly stumble around the living room...and just before you can slur the worlds "then comes dudley" into your microcombphone...the person you co-habitate with comes into the room and all she can mutter out is "um...i forgot the grocery list" as she quietly backs out of the room...and then knowing that you'll have to try and convince her that you have a drinking problem that doesn't actually's the only way she'll (or anybody for that matter) be able to understand it

unless you've actually gotten to see them up close and personal (sometimes too up close and personal)...and to that i say "damn you"...and i'll shake my fist in the air

and from what i've read...trying to describe a jesus lizard concert is like trying to describe the effects of a drug to someone that's never used it...which if that were the case...i'd scour every back alley i could find looking for this drug...and perhaps there would be some shady goings on in random handicapped stalls in random bus stations

"sometimes i'm several things...tonight i'm only two things...number one: i'm too tired...number two: i'm too fuckin' sober...everybody taste my taint"

1 - mouth breather
2 - killer mchann
3 - gladiator
4 - nub
5 - karpis
6 - lady shoes
7 - whirl
8 - zachariah
9 - dancing naked ladies
10 - if you had lips
11 - wheelchair epidemic
12 - puss
13 - boilermaker
14 - chrome intro
15 - monkey trick
16 - seasick
17 - blockbuster
19 - then comes dudley


bobby evil brown said...

I saw them at the 930 club in dc,i think on the goat tour,yow was out of control,i knew it w be a good show,when i saw the drummer nailing his bass drum to the floor.

Glenn Baskin said...

When I read this I thought "is it really that hard to see the Jesus Lizard" then I remembered how old I am and got depressed. Those shows at the Euclid Tavern in Cleveland were some of the best.

Phantom Foetus said...

I saw them in Chicago more times than I can remember, at all the usual places. The Vic, Riviera, and Metro, etc. Saw them on a Lolla tour three times.

Of course, I probably could've seen em more (and I did skip quite a few of their shows) if I hadn't have had my head in the oven for so long.

Yow's nasty body slithering and convulsing atop the crowd (and your hands) isn't all what its cracked up to be.

Gray said...

well, well, well, look who's back everybody.

ipecac said...

something tells me that having yow's "nasty body slithering and convulsing" atop anything couldn't be any worse that anything that's ever happened on prom night

i should know...i went with the janitor...he let me look in his closet...if you know what i mean i to assume that you're an illinoian?

Anonymous said...

I saw them open for Ministry, and people were just standing there, staring with a "wtf" kind of expression.

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