Friday, October 17, 2008

murder-suicide pact - self-titled

released in 1998

this is a repost...and if you didn't get it the first time it...DO IT NOW!

and the reason for this reposting is because i just read some news that's kind of sad ( me anyway) see...i lived in florida for a little over a year at the beginning of this very decade...i lived in a town called brandon (it's about 20 miles out of tampa)...and right down the street from me there was this record store called sound idea...and anytime me and the then girlfriend ever had a spare dollar...we'd be on our way to the store...and we'd always leave with either a zine...a few buttons/patches...or some vinyl...and there were always some kick ass all ages shows getting put on the tiny back room (some of which i even called off work for...i's not like the dishes wouldn't get washed)...and the guy who stood behind the counter was pretty awesome...his name is bob suren...he's also the singer for this very band (and founder of burrito records)

and now it's all ending...sound idea is closing it's doors tomorrow (on the 18th)...after 15 years of service it's all coming to an end...all because of a shitty if you live anywhere remotely near yourself a favor and get in there...snag up some stuff...maybe attend the very last show (8:00pm that very evening)...and as lame as it a part of history

as for the music...if you dig black flag and the like...i'm thinking you know what to do...

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