Thursday, October 16, 2008

coming to nbc daytime...the tight and the shiny (check your local listings)

i'm sitting here listening to the song "stranglehold" by the ted nugent...and i began to wonder what it would've been like if the jesus lizard had covered this song...and i came up with this assumption: IT WOULD'VE BEEN KICK ASS

i mean...who wouldn't want to hear david yow scream the words "if your house gets in my way baby/you know i'll burn it down"

and now...i'm going to address this "tight and shiny" most of you got it...and some of you just stood there scratching your heads and wondering if it could be something that you'd be able to do at a birthday party

fellow blogger "the worried well" took a stab at the meaning by saying that it was a reference to a pair of pissed jeans...and fellow blogger "yansmd" came up with the act that jesus lizard frontman david yow would do on stage while the band played the song "tight n' shiny" from the head album (he also had something called "the hairy tangerine" that he liked to do as well...and you can just let your imagination wander on that one)

and the correct answer is: well...both of them could be correct...but it was referencing the david yow act

apparently mr. "phantom foetus" didn't like my using of that term in the little blurb that i'd written for the pissed jeans album that i'd posted back on the 4th of this month (hope for men...and i suggest that you check it out if you haven't already)...all i was merely trying to convey was the fact that the band did in fact remind me A LOT of the jesus i threw the now infamous words in there to allude to that fact (and if you watched the pissed jeans video that i'd added to the'd get that)...and the more i thought about it...perhaps he's a member of the band and he doesn't like the fact that his band probably gets the jesus lizard thing all the time...and to that i say: " long as your band continues playing the type of music it plays...there's just going to be no escaping the stale beer smelling shadow that david yow and the boys continue to embrace it...and it in turn will embrace a priest in his secret "confessional" "

so...i hope this somewhat cleared everything up amongst everyone...and if you're still wondering if the act would be something appropriate for a birthday answer to you would be: yes...of course it is

and now i'll provide for you a few videos...and you can make the call

exhibit 1: the night the alcohol decided to fight back

exhibit 2: the other guys

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