Thursday, September 18, 2008

V/A - Camp Skin Graft - Now Wave!

Year: 1997
Label: Skin Graft

Skin Graft picked up the torch when Amphetamine Reptile went m.i.a. in the mid-nineties releasing some essential noise rock and fucked up punk records. They did so in conjunction with comic books, posters, and various ephemera that made each record easily identifiable as being part of the Skin Graft stable. They  had a penchant for finding midwestern loudmouths and Japanese spazzes, two great tastes that go great together (Hey, you got Japanese spazz rock in my midwestern pigfuck. No, you got midwestern pigfuck in my Japanese spazz rock) 
In an effort to give us, the listening public, a sampling of all the ruckus they favored, the label put together this compilation which spreads the spectrum of their aesthetic. You got your art damaged rock, your freakout jazz, your unabashed noise, your droning metal, your hardcore, your punk, your space jams, and most everything in between. It's a pretty good primer of what they're all about. The bands included are:
The Browns
U.S. Maple
The Flying Luttenbachers
Lake Of Dracula
You Fantastic!
UFO Or Die
Zeke Shack Care Company
Chuck Falzone, Telepath
Shakukachi Surprise
Strangulated Beatoffs
Monitor Radio
Flossie And The Unicorns
The Denison Kimball Trio
Omoide Hatoba
Last Of SG's
Mount Shasta
Dazzling Killmen
Bobby Conn
Nood Ham
Tortured Machine
Space Streakings
Zeni Geva

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ipecac said...


i have been looking for this

i once picked a copy of this up at a used cd store for 1.00

and needless to say...anytime it got played in my van...folks just loved it

pig fuck indeed

and would you believe that the dmv wouldn't let me use that as a personalized license plate...


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