Friday, September 19, 2008

tinsel teeth - 11.6.07 - wmbr - cambridge,ma

if you were awesome enough to snag up their three song demo that i threw'll be needing this as well

be the first on your block to be able to say "man...david yow drank himself into a south of the border sex changin' hospital...and my pants feel funny...not so much like climbing the rope in gym class...but more like the time i went out on a date with the gym teacher...maaaan could he...."

and it was at that moment you realized everyone had left the room

anyway...moving right along....

this was a set they did for a college radio station


1 - captain antagonist
2 - mirror mirror
3 - a farewell to architecture
4 - untitled
5 - into the setting sea
6 - deadweight
7 - full metal palette
8 - interview

and here you can see a bit of what went down that day...
(not with the gym teacher...)

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