Sunday, September 21, 2008

slint - spiderland

released in 1991

you know...tisk tisk on me for not already putting this here

me not putting this here could be compared to a child getting promised by his/her father to get taken to the carnival on the weekend...and they wait and wait and wait...and finally the day comes....but wouldn't you know it...daddy has to go out of town for work...again

"we'll go next time...i promise...and you can ride all the rides you want and eat all the ice cream you can...sorry sport"

and really...if you don't already have this...well then....tisk tisk tisk ( get 3 of them) on you

if there were ever "the perfect sunday afternoon" would be this one

and for those of you not in the's a short primer on the band:

slint started in louisville,kt back in 1987...formed out of the ashes of the band squirrel bait (guitarist brian mcmahan/bassist ethan buckler/drummer britt walford)...and they were only together for a short time ('87-'91...though they did a reunion in '05 and '07)...releasing only two eps and this full length...this album is considered the IT album in "math rock" circles

"good morning,captain" can be found on every mix cd/tape ever (or at least should be)

i should also mention that the band bastro also had squirrel bait guitarist david grubbs (you can find their rode hard and put away wet ep and sing the troubled beast album in this very blog)

so do yourself a favor...get this...and take it for a ride in the country...perhaps to a carnival (but stay away from the breadcrumb trail)

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the worried well said...

Officially THE only live Spiderland upload on the web-tubes.

Grab it quick!

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