Sunday, September 21, 2008

rodan - rusty

released in 1994

i couldn't post spiderland and not this

this could very well be considered somewhat of an companion piece (though the two were released three years apart)

they too came out of the same scene slint did...and they were always getting compared to each other (though rodan would be the loud part of a pixie's song...slint being the quiet)

the album was named after it's producer's nickname (bob wetson...who was also the bass player for shellac at the time...and you can really hear them in this)

the song "tooth fairy retribution manifesto" should be on that "good morning,captain" mix cd/tape as well

during their time together ('92-'95) they released a demo...this full length...a 7"...and various comp releases

so do yourself a favor...get this as well...and take a longer ride through the country

DL: rusty

(link updated...again)


Burn said...

Hey there, I recently uploaded a bunch of RODAN rarities on my blog: check it out if you haven't already. Cheers

Rocky said...

the file is no longer there :(.

thanks talking about the album though, I will hunt this one down. And if you liked this then you should check out "June of 44" as well.

Anonymous said...

thanks for rodan

mxxbock said...

thanks i was looking for this album for so long and all other blogs links seems to be dead.

thanks again.

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