Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the dillinger escape plan - self-titled ep

released in 1995

i decided to end my "guido metal" trilogy with this

this is what they sounded like before they became the band that launched a thousand third rate versions

before the dog and pony show that they are now...they played a fairly straight forward (though a little on the techy side) version of hardcore...sounding more deadguy than whiddly whiddly wheeeeeee

and i'm not going to go into some spiel on the current direction the band has gone into...but i'll say should've all come to an end after irony is a dead scene

and with that being said...get this


Anonymous said...

Well to be fair, they're not even the same band anymore. Only one person who played on this EP played on Ire Works. That's insane!

Manel said...

that´s bullshit
DEP are still a great band, way better than they were in this EP
I love "Irony" and "the mullet burden", but "Ire works" is a pretty solid record. I mean we´d freak if that was the first record from a band we had never heard of.

Anonymous said...

I remember this ep, it was really something when it came out. However, I didn't enjoy what they chose to do with their music style later. For me, they just became boring. Their songs may be complex and full of energy, but they seriously lack of contex. At least, for me.

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