Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Big'N - Discipline Through Sound

Year: 2006
Label: Skin Graft

Recorded by Steve Albini? Check.
Sounds like a mix of Rapeman and Slint? Check.
I should be able to stop right there, and you would simply say, "oh, sounds nice, I'll go ahead and make this a part of my music collection". Is that an accurate assessment of what's going to happen? 
Oh jesus...fine. 
They were from Illinois, they operated during the second wave of the mid-western noise rock bonanza, they played with all those bands that you like from those Derek Hess posters, they grunt, the bass is out front, the time signatures are seldom 4/4, and the songs seem to be directed squarely at you.


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Jolan said...

I came across this blog looking for some Unwound that i only have on vinyl, but discovered the Big'N stuff instead. Big'N is a band that I've heard of, but never heard. Being a fan of Shellac, The Jesus Lizard and Burmese, they fit righ in.

They are fucking amazing.

Thank you for upping all of this!

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