Wednesday, September 24, 2008

deadguy - fixation on a co-worker

released in 1995


i apologize for being all the with the caps and exclamation points...but tim singer means it...he's serious...about everything

and i'm just going to come right out and say it...this is what black flag should've been...instead of simply taunting audience members from the stage and then later having roadies beat them jumps into the audience with a sledgehammer and pummels anything that gets in it's way...and then stomps on the jello mess left afterwards

vocalist tim singer (one of the angriest hardcore vocalists going today...right up there with damian abraham...vocalist for canadian hardcore band fucked up) takes the pencil that henry rollins uses to write about his tortured inner psyche in his journal and jams it into your neck until he knows good and well that you have lead poisoning

the reason this is getting posted (well...if you know anything about'd know why this is here...GET THIS!...tim says so) that a colleague of mine and i were discussing the victory records i can't go into details...but i can say this...someone ended up with hot black coffee in his lap (and i'm still not able to sit properly)...anyway...what had sparked the whole thing was me saying that the year 1998 was part of the label's heyday...he didn't agree...and at the time i didn't agree with him...tip. splash. burn. red genital region....and then it was all over (literally)'m not gonna go off on some rant here...but i did go back and look at the charts...and i do have to agree with him...this album was one of the last good albums the label put out (and quite honestly...the only bands on the label i ever paid/pay any mind to were/are deadguy and bloodlet) you can see where bands such as kiss it goodbye...playing enemy...and family man (this was a band that tim singer fronted after kiss it goodbye...they released a 2 song demo...and if anyone has said demo...drop a line)

so...if you like your black flag mixed with some unsane and john candy movies (the band took it's name from the movie only the lonely)

and i remember reading in an interview once that they band had sold the name to some japanese clothing line and therefor ending the use of the name

now...go back and count the black flag references...


The Thing That Should Not Be said...

LOVE this band, AND Kiss It Goodbye, AND Playing Enemy. If you ever get yr hands on the Family Man demo, I would LOVE to hear it!

Scott said...

I'm slowly making ym way through your blog and stumbled upon your Family Man demo request. Do you still need it? If so, let me know and I'll post it up on the interwebz for you.

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