Monday, November 26, 2018

We Are The Asteroid - Smoke On The Wata

Label: self released
Year: 2018

Another release that tickles the fancy, and get the fancy going, if not just shy of a fancy happy ending.
Which is gross, and I apologize. Sorry.
We Are The Asteroid are self-described 'Tres Bad Hombres' from Austin who seem happy to carry forth the sunbaked, tie-dyed, refried bean stained, flag of that specific brand of Texas styled acid rock informed noise rock weirdness that we all know and love. Bits of Butthole Surfers, Drain, Cherubs, Crust, Crunt, Pain Teens, Honky, Daddy Longhead, and maybe just a bit of that "little ole band from Texas' themselves, ZZ Top. And some bonus Helios Creed, who has collaborated with enough Austinites to earn himself honorary deputization as a Texas Ranger of The Bizarre.
The fun part about this record is that it never coasts on any one sound or idea. It picks up inspiration from every dirt devil and last swig of tequila it comes across, and that makes for an engaging time.
Members of Pain Teens, Walking Timebombs, Season To Risk, Ed Hall, Pong, Moist Fist, and Butthole Surfers. No slouches.


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