Sunday, November 25, 2018

Steel Pole Bath Tub - Your Choice Live Series

Label: Your Choice
Year: 1993

I only saw Steel Pole Bath Tub play once, but it was not at Alte Turnhalle in Berlin on September 7th, 1992. So, I did not witness the particular show chronicled on this release, here. I probably saw them in 1993, and definitely in Athens, Georgia at The Shoebox. But my memory is it could have been somewhere else, or another year, or simply a figment of my imagination.
You should not let my fugue impede your ability to make new memories though. You should listen to this pristine live recording of one of noise rock's premiere dance troupes and commit it to your own anamnesis. Hell, if you concentrate hard enough you could begin to believe that you were THERE. And wouldn't that be fun?!
Steel Pole Bath Tub had members from and for: Tumor Circus, Milk Cult, Duh, Atomic 61, and Mr. Epp and The Calculations. In case you're collecting the action figures.


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