Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hawks - Hawks

Label: Rejuvenation
Year: 2014

Limited to 250, on vinyl, issued by a French label, so...blink and you missed it.
Supposedly recorded live in the practice space, but you'd be hard pressed to think that while listening to this pristinely captured, furiously performed collection of eye bulging, guttural, fuck offs. Sounds as good as any studio session. Or at least, way better than any band practice I've ever been to.
Some of the songs on this record had shown up (in different versions) on other releases, and some were not released in any other form. Which is neat. The track 'Service Merch' (which I don't think shows up on any other record) is worth the price alone. Fucking lethal.
Hawks were so goddamn good. A truly amazing band. For serious.


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MDG3D said...

I love this album so goddamn much.

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