Friday, July 6, 2018

Mannequin / Transistor Transistor - Mannequin / Transistor Transistor split 7"

Label: Robotic Empire
Year: 2003

Another, "didn't we post this already?" post.
But's worth it.
Mannquin play a punk'd out, blown out, peddle to the metal version of Nirvana. The older version of Nirvana that was playing punk'd out, blown out, peddle to the metal versions of Wipers songs and stuff. Members of Pygmy Lush, Pg. 99, Crestfallen, Haram, Passing Phases, Big Hush, Nit-Pic, and whatnot.
Transistor Transistor (so nice they named 'em twice) also tap into a Sub Pop-y circa 1991 vein, but with a little more of the mid-90's Gravity Records sensibility...they scream more. Sort of a Dead And Gone meets grunge arrangement. Dark and lovely.Members of Trap Them, and this and that.


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MDG3D said...

Love Mannequin. Need to revisit the other releases.

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